Friday, June 24, 2016

The Rabbit Traps

... trap for small animals ...
a Canadian Tire special

As Glen says, if you can't buy it at Canadian Tire,
you don't need it.
Richard has been wanting to trap whatever it is that comes through our yard at night – rabbits or squirrels he said, since we see them in the day as well.

 Ron Treleaven put Richard onto the Canadian Tire centre of the isle sale of animals traps.

 If they are half price, why not get two.

The preferred bait seems to be peanut butter on bread.

I knew the trap wasn’t working that well when I woke in the middle of the night to a squirrel scratching on my window, one who had fallen into the window well. “That animal is wildly scratching,” I thought to myself and adding, “well, a middle of the night gift, that nose against my window pane.”

I turned over and slept while it kept scratching.

I told Richard the next day about his trap failure and left it at that, but again, in the middle of the next night, that wild scratching again. I didn’t go investigate, but may have thought, darn that squirrel. I could see the nose against the window and the claws on that dark night, though there was no moonlight

I went to check in the morning to see if it was out of the window well yet.


And it wasn’t a squirrel.

... finding shade in the middle of the day ....
A tired skunk – going on three days in the window well. I checked twice and it did have enough energy to move out of the direct sunlight still and into the shade.

Greg came over and put two planks in the window well for it to make its own escape.  My guess is that the skunk had no energy left.

Richard called pest control. They told him good luck at removing it.

Now for the worst part. On its way to skunk heaven it left its final gift.

Pouria had the doors open when I went to tell him of the skunk’s demise. He said he has never smelled that before, and he thought some toxic chemical had been released somewhere, so he was opening all of the doors and windows. I thought, better to keep the scent outside as far as possible.

Internet searches for help on the clean-up seem to agree: hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, vinegar, bleach – and also pest control’s “good luck”.

Oh yes, I have also been praying for rain.



  1. nightmare!!! (and i loved the "good luck" bit)

  2. Oh, now I read about the skunk smell. I saw the skunk in the window well and then I left for Shuswap. It was such a tiny cute little skunk. Little skunk, big smell!

  3. I thought Greg's idea of letting the skunk climb out of the window well and be on its way was a good one. Too bad it had spent all of its energy trying to get through my window and into the bedroom. It had dug all around the window well, making a hill in the centre, but like some of Aesop's Fables, the strategy just didn't work.