Saturday, June 25, 2016

Pencil sharpener

"Do you think this is sharp enough, Grandmother?"
Michael is in a 4 1/2 year old investigative phase.

First the stapler was the find of the day.  He stapled in duplicate and triplicate and then tried to use the staple remover to see now that worked.

Now the electric pencil sharpener has become an amazing piece of equipment.

Soon all of my pencils will have the finest point ever -- and 3 times over.

This is the kind of "fun at grandmother's" that I relish.

As well, though not connected to the pencil sharpener, this morning's breakfast talk was around the compost in Richard's yard. A heavy stone covers the opening at the bottom of the bin. The stone is moved away every night and compost is spread over the lawn. Richard called his father-iin-law so that he would name potential varmits: a coyote, a mature skunk, a large rabbit, or perhaps the crows who have been known to take the lid off of the compost. Chris has a camera that is activated by motion. In true detective mode, the men are going to set up some night surveillance.

Stay tuned.


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