Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Two New Kayaks

June 29, 2016 ... a beginner's voyage
From David:

This is my first home day.

Its almost noon.

Mom and I raced to the beach to have some time together before we pick up Jeremy.

 I tried out my new Kayak.  We have two of them.

I learned how to use my paddles as a squirt gun.

I unlock the two paddles so they are separate.

Then I fill them fully with water.

When I put them back together; they squirt water everywhere.
... not bad ...

I love it.

It is so fun. It was tricky at first, but then got super easy and fun.

I have already gone 1/3 of the way across the lake.

... getting my weaponry ready ...
I have not figured out how to aim the water stream at someone yet.

It mostly goes over my shoulder and squirts my mom's phone.

 I love the Lake. Please, everyone come out soon and I will take you for a ride on my boat.


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