Saturday, June 4, 2016


From Bonnie Wyora:

It's a beautiful sunny Saturday.

 The apple tree and cherry trees by the noisy and quiet cabins
are getting ready for you to visit.

The water last night was so perfect
(once David and I got in) that he said,
"Let's never get out of the lake.
The water feels amazing.
I can walk as deep as I want and I am still in the ramp."

Not many boats out on the lake yet.
The loudest sound right now are some very chirpy birds.

David says "Don't forget your bug spray."


  1. Beautiful pictures of the lake.
    I can hardly wait to get those 5 or 6 little girls around 3 years old together. They are all little hellions with minds of their own.

  2. I have no idea why I am looking forward to seeing all of those little 3 year old girls myself. Perhaps it is because they will be the fifth generation of little Pilling children to paddle in the lake, or to try to throw all of the stones from the beach into the water. I wonder if they will be pulling the daisies out of the earth as children before them have done, or will they get stomach aches from eating cherries until long after they are full.

    I want to see all of the above happen.