Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Those old pictures -- curlers

Arta, Wyona, Wyora, Bonnie
... the picture is dated July 1958 ...
Rebecca was humming "Short shorts" (sung by The Royal Teens, written by Bob Gaudio)  and asked me to come over and take a look at another of the photos, now hidden between pages of scrap books where the photograph tips have fallen out and the pictures are slipping from their old positions.

Oh yes, that is me -- my arms hanging below the hem of my shorts and with my white shoes unbuckled.

I have no idea where we are, except that a Nature Trail sign is pointing to the east.  It looks like all of us have piled out of a car, 3 out of 4 of us with our hair in rollers or bobby pins.

I can't remember my sister, Bonnie, ever wearing pants with a wild striped pattern like the ones she has one, but the evidence is right in the picture.

If you enlarge the picture Wyona seems to have a large bird decorating her left shoulder which would be typical for her.  And look at her face -- any evidence there that she is related to Gabe Treleaven?

Here is my question to you  Given that I can't get women to pose for a picture anymore ("No, I can't, I look awful"), how is it that the 4 of us peeled out of some car and let Doral take our picture with our hair in curlers?

And don't let the answer be, "You are just stupid, I guess".


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  1. We are so beautiful! I do not have rollers in my hair. 3 of us have sweaters on. Arta must not be cold and look at those shorts, whitttooowooo! Interesting that you see Gabe in my face. Gabe is handsome.