Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Morning Walk - timing myself on walking to the hospital

West Campus Pond
... all of this green in the middle of the city ....
I head out of the house, determined to walk an hour every morning.  The ideal walk is to the West Campus Pond, but it is just 7 minutes out of reach if I only go for a half an hour each way.  Hard to believe that a space like this with acres of land is right in the inner city.  There is an initiative to develop West Campus and one set of my friends are planning on buying a condo there in 3 years when she is 70.  Imagine the bonus of being right on campus for the rest of your life and having all of that culture there available to a person.  Whoops, I already just about have that.

Today on my walk, I slipped into taking a different direction to see how much time it would take me to walk to the Foothills Hospital.  Just the same amount of time and the bonus along the way is the shopping centre -- which turned out to be no bonus for me.  All of the merchants have moved out of there -- gone is The Cat House and the Billingsgate Fish Market as well as the Chinese Buffet -- a big renovation taking place in the strip mall and the merchants are 90% gone.



  1. All the good familiar things gone. I hate that. Keep the old while one brings in the new.

  2. I am finding a lot of change is going on. We have that huge high rise apartment now, between us and the church. And four more big 10 story or so buildings down at the Brentwood. Even the traffic patterns in the neighbourhood have changed and if we access Crowchild Trail from the east, we can only go north.

    The best way for me to keep up with change is to check addresses and store opening times. I hate getting to places 1/2 hour before they open!

    Or alternately, getting to the bank one half hour after it has closed!

    Only one thing is worse: getting to the store without my purse, but that is a problem I should be able to manage.