Thursday, June 2, 2016

I collect rocks

... my collection of the day ...
Alice and Michael and I have been out collecting rocks at the parking lot of St Pius Church on the corner of 24th Street and Crowchild Trail. 

Alice puts her rocks in the pocket of her hoodie until it hangs down far below her knees. 

Michael took his biggest triangular shaped rock and put it on his head, asking me, "Do you think my shadow looks like a dinosaur". 

 I looked down.  Sure enough -- a dinasaur. 

Then he asked me, "Do you think I look like a king with a crown?" I could wrap my head around that as well.  His question to me was so close to the lyrics of "Where you ever in Quebec' that I sang "where there's a king with a golden crown" all of the way home.

 ... a 3 person selfie organized by Aunt Rebecca ...
I had encouraged Michael to collect only the smooth, small rocks.  I figure that he can get more rocks that way.   But there is always a big one that gets into the bucket ....

Our adventure made it hard for me not to be reminded of Al Simon's "I Collect Rocks", which I just went out to find at minute 3:08 on this utube segment.

I love that song!



  1. Such ugly faces cannot come out to Shuswap. If you do that to your face, it will grow that way. I can hear my Dad saying that. Where is the rock collection going to be stored?

  2. Where will the rock collection be stored? Right now it is in a big container on the grass in the backyard. I am thinking that in the night, some of it will find its way back to its original home.

  3. I collect rocks too. How about those blue rocks you used to wear in your ears, Wyona. I want to collect those.