Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Gold and Green Ball

I am doing some cleaning up of old photo albums and pictures that are mixed in with boxes of genealogy papers.

I thought some might enjoy looking at this picture again, even finding one's mother or aunts in it.

Blanche and the Scoville Sisters
The people in the picture are, from left to right: Estelle Scoville, Wyora Pilling Learice Tucker, Blanche Scoville, Elaine Scoville and Lenore McNaughton.

 The dress my mother is wearing is her wedding dress. Here is the inscription on the back of the picture:
This picture was taken in the Relief Society Room at the Gold and Green Ball on January 26th.

It wasn't planned but after the photographer took the Queen's picture we asked him to take our mother and 5 girls in the family and we were all there in evening dress.

I am intrigued by the room. I remember it was downstairs in the building and that I was only in it once or twice, since I was a child the most of the time I was in that building. I love the floral picture on the wall above the false fireplace, and the blossoms on the window dressings. Grandmother is holding a handkerchief in her hand. Didn't all women carry one, either decorated with tatting or lace? 

And how about the corsages? Anyone wear one lately?


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  1. I have seen that photo before but today I look at it with new eyes. Mother usually carried a white lace hanky around. I carry kleenex. I remember women dressing up to go to the Gold and Green Ball. I went to a few but not too many. Gold and Green balls were a big event.