Thursday, June 2, 2016


 ...wetpond at the UofC West Campus ...
One of my favourite walks is straight west from my house.

I don't have to think about turning a corner nor even about traffic patterns.

Tonight Rebecca and I didn't start out until after 9 pm for our exercise but we took that root, heading on past Starbucks, past Domino's Pizza and past Subway.

She was thinking about a paper she is right and I was thinking about stretching my gait and putting some weight on my arms to keep fit.

While Rebecca took pictures I listened to the evening sounds of the birds and insect -- buzzes, chirps, quick melodies.

I am not that good with tracking animals, but I am sure we saw Richard's rabbit again, maybe a couple of times.
The sun was casting its last rays onto the east hill
and a duck is swimming in the middle of the pond.
All seems right with the world.

On the way home we heard such a racket.  Probably from the pack of coyotes on west campus.

An animal in pain. Such howling.

And a dog barking. Soon it seemed as if there were a pack of animals with noises filling the air everywhere.  That is my first time coming across that kind of night music.


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  1. The water was so still today that I only heard the water against my skin as I ran into the lake, no waves lapping on the shore. I did let out one yelp when I came to a cooler spot in my swim out past the dock. Your walk sounds lovely.