Thursday, June 9, 2016

Wyona-Death Come Quickly or Herb Robert

While weeding at the lake I often come upon this lovely little fragrant flowering pink plant.  I went out a few days ago and picked some wild flowers to paint. This plant was one of them.
You can find this plant among the other wild flowers I picked from our path down to the lake. It is at the top of the painting.
I searched on line over a dozen websites looking for this plant. I asked the expert neighbor, Glen next door and he only could say he thought it was a weed. Too beautiful to me to be a weed.
Until I found it tonight...I took the plant over for Janet to see because she has never seen it.

Here it is up close. It is called 'Geranium robertianum, Herb-Robert', Red Robin, Death come quickly, and Stinky Bob in Washington; a noxious weed.
In traditional herbalism, Herb Robert was used as a remedy for toothache and nosebleeds. Freshly picked leaves when crushed and rubbed on the body the smell is said to repel mosquitoes. It was carried to attract good luck enhance fertility. I just love the long tapering and beaklike flower/seed.


  1. nothing like a good noxious weed.... wards off mosquitos, you say? :-)

  2. People who paint see the world in a different way. I wish I were one of those people. The thing I regret the most about working at the university is that I didn't take the Continuing Education Course that dealt with colour. I know people had to buy paint and then they mixed tubes of paints until they were very good at producing different hues.

    One of those things that if I had my life to do over, I would do that course.... Not that I couldn't still do it. I just have to find the time.