Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Plethora of Games

 ...a treasure chest of games ... 
Doral Johnson delivered.

He said he would bring games for us to play.

And so he did.

This suitcase is only the beginning of what he pulled out of his van when they arrived for their holiday.

LtoR Doral, Duncan's back Ceilidh, Ben, Daivd's back, Bonnie
I have to admit that my favourite of the games is Sushi.

I will never be afraid of ordering when I enter a Japanese Restaurant again.

Duncan told the Johnson kids that they have the best parents ever -- board game parents. 

This is a family who plays board games up to five evenings a week, not just five evenings a year. 

So let's hear it for the parents of the year: Doral and Anita. They brought the gaming holiday of the year to us.


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