Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sumarga Pun

From Mati Pun to Larch Haven

LtoR: Sumin, Mati and Sumarga Pun
... a sleeping, smiling baby ...

I hope all is well.

The summer must be very good in Calgary with all the foliages.

It is good here in Bolzano.

We are blessed with a baby boy: Sumarga Pun.

We are happy. Both Sumin and Sumarga are doing well so far.

I just wanted to let you know this news.

Most likely, I will be in Calgary in February next year to attend a conference if all goes well.

Hence, I hope to meet you all in-person during that time.

The baby was born on 21 July afternoon with 3.89 kg.

He was big for Sumin's height.

But she managed to do normal delivery.

... some daddy time ...
 He officially completed 28 days today (i.e. neonate period completed).

Hence, he graduated from neonate and now he is an infant. :)

That's just a medical classification.

He keeps us busy and he is lovely.

As you rightly said, he is in our hearts.

You know about love, challenges, tricks and the upbringing of children. Surely, I will ask for the tips when I see you.

... there are never enough baby pics for Arta ...
Yes, I do not mind  you using the pictures.

Thank you.

On Tuesday, his weight was 4.7 kg.

So he is seems making good progress.

Best wishes,


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  1. Mati! Congratulations! Your baby and family are so wonderful! I hope you are getting a more than a little sleep. Now I want to know which is harder, graduate school or having a baby? Probably the good and difficult in both. Enjoy your family!