Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary Party

a line-up of 4 pans of buns
waiting to be cooked in the Bates house

at the same time, more pans of buns
lined up in smiliar fashion

 over at the Woods,
and the Pillings
The food for the anniversary party was an homage to the past: piggies in blankets and cinnamon buns.

I noticed Jeremy adding Frank's Hot Sauce or maybe it was Sirracha to the side of the piggie in the blanket.

I took a cue and did the same to mine.  No use getting stuck in the past with mustard, relish and ketchup along the side of the bun.

What blew me over the top is that someone had done the cinnamon buns in the special way, only done at Christmas time in our house: maraschino cherries on the top and pecans sprinkled there are well.

When I commented Laynie said that not only were the cherries there, but that they have been individually placed so that when they fell out of the pan, all of them were right side up.

Now that was an anniversary present par excellence!


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  1. Yes, I threw the cherries in the pan and Moiya uprighted them all. Cheers for our parties. A grand time was had by all. Only the rain chased us back to our homes.