Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Raven Earrings

 ... beaded raven earrings ...
... me reading my own Summary Volume I ...

I am so glad Rebecca came upon me when
I was reading the TRC Report instead of playing video games.
This is the best example of beaded raven earrings that I have ever seen.

I tried to beg them off of Rebecca but she said they were a gift from a student and that they just weren't meant to be passed on.

That was her way of saying absolutely not.

She is making her next set of TRC necklaces though, and I did get one of those.
This year's "TRC Necklaces"

Well, really two, since I was happy to take one that was minimally damaged.   Her claim is that it would catch on a blouse or a sweater and that the person who now owned it wouldn't be that happy.

I am thinking that the chord will cover the break and so have been testing out my theory that someone will be happy with it -- that someone being me.

 Desiree told me that Rebecca told her a person gets one -- only one.  I told her I was sure that means one a year since I already have three of them, not counting extras that have arrived unexpectedly in my room.'

"If that is true, I am coming to collect," Des told me tonight.

And so she shall.


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