Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Pottery Studio

Photography: Rebecca
... the Rocky Mountaineer travels out of sight ...
The view from the pottery studio can catch the Rockery Mountaineer as it passes by on its way to Vancouver.

People from the train stand on the platform at the back of each car and wave at us as they drive by.

Many of us on the beach run up to the track to wave back at them.

Others stand on the big rock on top of the hill and wave down at them.

Taking that train is something still on my bucket list of things to do.
Photography: Rebecca
... random pieces - find the footed bowl ...

The Pottery Studio is built under Janet and Glen's porch.  Each year there are additions to the space, this year a new and bigger kiln.

A long rectangular table has also been added.

I saw Tonia sitting at the table tonight, waxing the bottoms of some of the pieces she is getting ready to put in the kiln.
Photography: Rebecca
... two bowls, one cup ....

What was also impressive were the round and oblong beads she has designed.

Random strangers stop her on the street to tell her how beautiful her necklace is which pleases her, as the beads are ones she has done herself.

Just beautiful.
Photography: Rebecca

The pot on the left was taken from the wheel too soon,
so it is loped, which will add to its charm, hopefully.

Rebecca has been busy making necklaces to give as part of the TRC work that she is doing.

Last night she was sorting them into bundles to keep the pieces organized.

So far, she has finished 250 of them, and is hoping to make that count 500 before she leaves to go back to Victoria.
Photography: Tonia
... a number of smaller pieces ...

No summer is long enough.

 But already we can feel this one hurtling to a close.

Next week there is a free workshop in Kamloops sponsored by the Shuswap Tribal Nation.

... two of the three potters ...
Then the week after that, the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival will be in full swing.

And then the summer visitors pack up to go home.

Where did the time go?


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