Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Beach Clean Up

Meighan getting off the paddle board
There is getting ready for the summer, pulling out the summer water equipment, the chairs, the umbrellas, the tables.

That work is done early in the spring.

But now things are going in reverse.

... packing up the paddle wheeler
Time for the beach clean-up is up on us.

My first long day at the water and I got to see the pack up beginning.

The first thing is to separate out the equipment -- whose kayaks belong to whom, and which paddles belong to which paddleboards.

Ben pulling up Tonia's kayak after a ride to Johnson's Point
Meighan and Anita in the water
Greg drove Dave's truck down to the beach.

The paddle board was the first thing to leave the beach and other pieces of equipment were packed around it.

Ben taking off his life jacket
Tonia's new kayak had barely arrived -- ordered earlier in the summer and now it hasn't even been christened nor named.

So it will stay in the water a little longer.

Ben tried it out and it glides quickly and smootly up and back to Johnson's Point.

He really wanted to take it to Canoe Point but that will have to be a trip for another year.
The old adage, many hands make light work, was shown to be true again.

Charise was carring paddles up the the twos and the fours, carrying them across her body to a safe place above the ramp.

Chairs were being stack, at least according to the make and colour.

Art was wondering how to sort out which units go to which house.

Earlier in the summer someone had made that easy for if you search long enough, you will find the name of the family to whom they belong, written somewhere on the chair in black felt pen that is now faded by the summer sun.
Charise climbing the ramp

I stayed in the water a long time.

The temperature was 36 degrees in Salmon Arm and a few degrees cooler at the lake, but not much.


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  1. Ahhhh, cleaning up after a too short great summer! I love it. Great photos!