Thursday, August 18, 2016

Trying to even things out

.... the first round of hot dogs for the fire ...
Bonnie and Doral had figured out what to have for supper.

The summer is winding up and it is time to make meals out of all of the food stuff we have purchased but that haven’t been eaten at other meals.

"Couldn't taste better if I had
roasted it over coals, myself."
Hard to believe that there are even some meals that haven’t been cooked at all.

One of those is the third hotdog roast.
... only ketchup for a condiment, please ...

We have been using a small contained fire just to the east of the house, but after two lovely evenings of roasting wieners and then letting the fire die out, there has been less interest in gathering around the fire until 2 am.

Only Ben and Doral seem to be able to make it until the last cinder has turned from red to black.

... I will take mine with veggies ...
So we have a full meal of hot dogs to be done up at the house.

Or at least that is what Doral and Bonnie thought.

As we were doing another roast during the day – that of turning skin from pale white to red, Doral and I were discussing the evening meal.
... my side is bruschetta on a bagel ...

He was commenting that when he left the house there were many smokies, beef wieners and cheese dogs to be roasted but that there were only 20 buns left.

“Perhaps only 12 by the time I get back up to the house, though I am sure there were 20 buns when I left to come down to the water, he said.
... snap peas and tomatoes for my additions ...

I laughed at his prediction, since the fridge is also full of a flat of peaches and there are plenty of sour dough waffles that I have seen people snacking on during the day.

I was surprised when Doral came to apologize to me about being wrong later in the day.
... the family gathers to talk ...

I tried to slough off his apology, but he wanted to make sure I heard it, so I listened carefully. 

“I told you that there might only be 12 buns left when I got back to the house, but I was wrong. 

There were only six left," he said.

"Anita and I are going to take a quick trip to Sicamous and flesh out the evenings meal.”

... yes you can photograph my food ...
... just leave my face out of it ....
Who would have known?

Hard to get everything to come out just even, isn't it?

Still, we fleshed out the evening meal with other products and we still have buns and meat left to go.


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