Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Mount Ida (klas7ant)

... festival tents at the base of Klasant ...
On our morning walks, one of Rebecca's wishes was that she could learn more Secwepemc words -- even just the Secwepemc names of the flowers and plants we would look at along the way would have been enough.

In fact, we even wished we knew the English words.

But now, here it is for all -- the name of the mountain that is part of the landscape for the Roots and Blues Festival:  Mount Ida (klas7ant).

... life is good at the base of the mountain ...
... Ben's sunglasses have prepared him for the heat ...
... Duncan has found a way to escape the heat:  sleep ....
That 7 is not a typo but a symbol that they use in their alphabet.

So, say help to Klals7ant.


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  1. Do you say the 7 in a particular way? Thanks for sharing this word. Roots and Blues was great this year and I went on the coolest day. It was fun being there with all of you. Enjoy the Fall!