Thursday, August 18, 2016

Wapta Falls

... Wapta Falls ...
The last time I saw Wapta Falls I walked that trail with Richard when he was about 10 years old.

He turned to me along the way and said, “This has been the best day of my life.”

Meighan gets a picture along the way 
When Doral said that we could stop anywhere along the road on our way out to the Shuswap, I had in mind to recreate that experience – “the best day of my life”.

I was close.

The walk into the falls is about 40 minutes.

We came upon the falls from above, which is not as I remembered it.

I thought we had ome to it by the foot of the falls last time.
 ....Meighab's hair blows in the spray of the falls ...

No matter.

There was a way from the top of the falls down to the bottom, a path willingly taken by Meighan and her friend, Jessica Chapwick.
LtoR: Meighan and Jessica

When there is a scramble down a large hill,

I am more worried about getting back up that hill than going down it.

 That idea didn’t seem to bother them and down they blithely went.

 I followed less courageously, but follow I did.
... the steep trail back up from the falls ...

They were worried that they would get lost in the mist of the falls, since they had seen climbers coming back up who were soaking wet.
Ceilidh and Jessica walk down
from the Rock Gardens
We were later to learn it was not from the mist, but that moisture had been from exertion from people who were not in shape to take that walk.


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  1. Great pictures and description. I shall add this to my list of things to do next summer!