Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The 300 short miles to the Shuswap

This was as close to a perfect day as I would ever want.  Doral said that we would leave Calgary early and take a leisurely trip to the Shuswap, stopping everywhere we wished.

Anita had purchased a family parks pass, which comes with a special deal this year.  That pass is also good for 2017 as part of the Park Celebration of 150 years of Canada as a nation.

We stopped at the Spiral Tunnels, at the Field Interpretive Centre, took a stroll to see Wapta Fall,  touched the cold water of the Kicking Horse River at the Kicking Horse Pull over, visited the Natural Bridge, used our pass to get into the Rogers Pass Interpretive Centre and stopped at Rock Gardens, Giant Cedars and Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk.  And altogether that was a 10 hour tour.

We counted the animal overpasses as we drove along the Bow Valley Corridor between Banff and Lake Louise.  There are 7 of them.

We either saw the skins of, or taxidermy examples of a black bear, a grisly bear, a cougar, a wolverine and a caribou.

We read interpretive signs -- yes, that was a small vole that surprised Meighan at one of our stops.

I don't know if counts going to the Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk, for we had barely crossed over the bridge and hadn't reached the boardwalk yet when people coming back from their walk warned us that they had seen a black bear.  None of us had any trouble turning around and heading for the care.  In this case, an ounce of prevention was working for us.

Ceilidh brought a friend with her and as soon as the luggage was in the house, they headed right for the water, and Meighan wasn't far behind.  At 7 pm the beach is deserted so alone they pulled out the paddle board.  Meighan's bucket list this year included going on lots of boats and though the paddle board hardly qualifies as a boat, it was a good start.

The sky was getting dark, and a strong wind was bending trees toward the east and loosing leaves so that they were beginning to tumble from the sky in the wind.  The rain was dancing on the water and the girls wanted to know if I preferred that they get out.  I choose rather to sit in the rain and watch them.

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