Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Ten Hour Outing

Shish Tawouk or Beef Kabab
I have a part-time job that requires me to have police clearance to work with a certain population. I went to the police station to get the form, but the clerk there filled it out electronically by asking me a few questions and having me respond with the appropriate answers. When it came time to pay, I pulled out $40, hoping to get back a ten. Instead she told me that they are not equipped to take cash and that I would have to use a credit card.

I am pretty sure the day is coming when cash will be obsolete. Until then, I am going to try to use up all of the cash I have.

Wyona and I then went to the Jerusalem Shawarma at the Royal Oak Park. We often go to that mall and eat at Costa Vida, so this was a slight change. Pouria told me that the Jerusalem Shwarma on 16th Avenue is amazing, and I have to say the same thing for the place where we ate. He had warned me not to go right at the lunch hour, but to choose a time that is more leisurely. He was right. In fact it was so crowded and no table was available, so we turned around to walk out. Two customers stopped us and said, “Don’t leave. The food is really amazing. We are just going. Take our table.”

So that was the start of an outing where we took 10 hours looking at the amazing products in several stores.  We would have kept going had the shops not closed at 8:30.

But back to the Shwarma store. There are 12 items on the electronic menu above the grill. I am going to keep going back until I have tried all of them. The Chicken Shawarma Plate is the first one down. Eleven more items to try!



  1. The food is excellent there! I certainly miss the beef shawarma with extra tahini sauce!

  2. Hi Pouria,

    You know why a person might want to work their way through the whole menu. Now that you have made the suggestion, I will try the beef shawarma next. With extra tahini sauce.

    1. Take Amir with you. He loves that place so much he usually buys two large shawarmas!