Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Book of Mormon: The Musical

Josh Gad as Elder Cunningham
and the cast of The Book of Mormon.

I have been out chatting with others about the Book of Mormon: The Musical.  Just to contexualize this, we had been talking about catching ourselves concerning racism and the topic went to this musical.

Some of the people I have been talking with have seen it.  I have not seen it on the stage.

I have watched it many times on u-tube.

Mary sent me the following gift when I told her that I have been wanting to write on essay on that musical.  There is something about it that is just bubbling up in me and I think it is the source of a good essay.

I just haven't taken a class where I could work it in yet.

Mary sent me the give of five reviews I hadn't read before.

Here they are if anyone else is out gearing to write an essay.

About all I can do is get these reviews up.


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