Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Botticelli's Inferno

I had pencilled into my daytimer that Botticelli's Inferno would come to the screen via film:
The Renaissance master Botticelli spent over a decade painting and drawing hell as the poet Dante described it. The film takes us on a journey through hell with fascinating and exciting insights into Botticelli's art and its hidden story.
The IMDB site has nine photos that will give you a taste of what  you will see in the film.

Here is a Toronto Film Scene review.

The film is only 1 hour and 35 minutes long.  I am going to try to stay awake during the whole thing!  On these art films, I am working so hard at remembering every word that is said, that I am asleep in about 20 minutes.  Last time at the Bosch film Charise had to poke me more than 10 times!

In Calgary the reprise of the Botticelli will be Jan 29 at 12:55 pm.

This piece of art is held at the Uffizzi.  If I were to go to Italy and stand for an hour looking at the painting, I would be less comfortable than I am going to be in the show, sitting in my seat and getting close-ups that I could never get in the museum, even if I were there.


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