Friday, January 20, 2017

Paving the Path Between Two Houses

Richard said that he should pave the path between our houses in the backyard. I do run from my house across the grass, up the their stairs and across the porch, give a few raps at the door and then am into their kitchen far faster than I can find my phone and make a call to them.

When we had our latest snowfall he shovelled the path for me. Now we have had a terrible Chinook – the kind that leaves the roads slushy about 4 pm, and then freezes cars into the slushy tracks at night. Zoe even had to go in the house and get a shovel and ice picker to dig out the taxi that brought her home one night at about 5 pm. How can a taxi drive up to your house and get to mired in the slush that it can’t get out!  I can't even run across that snowpath between our houses right now.  It is a sea of waves that have frozen and are waiting to melt.  Also a perfect place to slip and break a person's ankle.

I do walk over to Miranda’s and Richard’s often. A few days ago to get HelpDesk information from Miranda I slipped in the back door. She is there for me when I can’t figure out how to reconnect my computer to the internet after a computer lock-out, or when I can’t stop the alarm on my phone from repeatedly going off.

Alice saw me walk in the door.  She waved me to go back out the door saying, “Not you. Joan.”

Joan is their maternal grandmother and she was scheduled to come and pick them up for a play date over at her house. I don’t blame Alice for being afraid that the wrong grandmother was there. I don’t have a car that has 2 booster seats in the back.  Thus, I am never going to take them anyplace.

Joan is at least 20 years younger than me and she plays a mean game of Hide and Seek which even makes her more of a super-grandmother.

 I love Joan, too.  And I also love the path that needs to be paved between my house and the house next door.


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