Sunday, January 22, 2017

Eggs and Nests

Each time Wyona and I go to Costco lately, she has been looking for the Easter candy to come out. 

Finally the Easter candy has arrived.  Or at least two kinds:  Speck-tacular Eggs by M&M and another brand of egg, pastel colours and smaller, the brand name of which I do not remember. 

Question: How can you tell if the nest is fake?
Answer from Michael: because there are sparkles in it.

The fact that the snow on it didn't melt was of no consequence.

Neither was the fact that 1/2 of the eggs
letters on them of any consequence.

“One of these brands tastes better than the other. But I can’t remember which,” she said as she looked them.

“I’ll take one package and you take the other,” I said, “though that will hardly make it possible for us to tell which is the best.”

“We will split them,” she said.

 And split them she did. Right at the Food Court, sitting down and opening up the first bag and then juggling back and forth until there was an equal number in both bags. The couple next to us were staring. Just blatantly staring. She looked over at them and said, “We are splitting these two bags.”

“Oh,” said the man. “We thought you were opening them for lunch and we were wondering how that was going to go down.”

At my house the eggs got nested and we ate them for dessert tonight, after an elaborate story from Richard about how he had found the nest in a tree but couldn’t tell if they were turkey, or chicken or quail or chickadee eggs. Miranda and Richard also demonstrated the sign language for chicken and duck: chicken is two single finger pecking and duck is all four fingers, pecking with the thumb.  A nice flat bill, you see.

And after tasting the eggs, we now know which we prefer: speck-tacular or plain.


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