Friday, January 6, 2017

Staying in the moment - Black Ice on TCH

This morning I heard on the radio that there had been a serious car accident on the road between Sicamous and Salmon Arm, with a medivac being called in.

It's always unnerving to hear there has been a serious accident. More unnerving when the accident is  on a road frequented by family and friends.

So ... I breathed deeply, focused on the road, and gave everyone a call when I got home. Whew. Everyone accounted for.

Here's a link to what is know as of 10am Jan 6 2017 about the accident near Bernie Road.

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  1. A few days ago I also saw a link from you about a semi-trailer that went through a red light and hit one of your local buses. I ran that one a few times. An unnecessary accident.

    Hard to stay off the road between Sicamous and Salmon Arm when we live on Bernie Road. Wyona and I are coming out there, but we won't be on the road much. We are hoping to stay in our warm houses and play bridge with Moiya and anyone else who will act as a fourth for us! Gonna be fun.