Saturday, January 14, 2017

Where is the food scrap can?

From Moiya:
LtoR: Moiya, Darla Bonnie, Wyona, Arta

What year was this?

Can anyone guess?

Look, Wyona is the only one wearing an apron.

Not much countertop space.

We are all so blessed.

Just look at the size of that refrigerator!

I loved that house.

Look at the kitchen tools/slash toy drawer!

Where is the food scrap can?

Will that kitchen ever get clean?

Does anyone else have any pictures showing, the front hallway, the crying room, the kitchen table, the mangle iron, the dining room, the living room with the mantle and mirror,the hallway, the bathroom or the bedrooms and of course, don’t forget any basement pictures? A picture of the deer hanging from the rafters in the laundry room would be exceptional, too. How about any of the pictures with pheasants, ducks, geese or game on top of the truck? I would also like to see a picture of the dog kennel in the back with the rabbit pen stuck to the side of the kennel.

Reminiscing Moiya


  1. Darla is reminded of that picture every day. She has the table in her house at Shuswap.