Monday, January 2, 2017

My Deck Railing from Moiya

From Moiya:

Feathered deck-railing pane
 at Moiya's house at dusk.

Panoramic view from the cabins to Wyona's house

... and now looking the other way ...
From Arta:

Moiya and I are discovering different capabilities of our phones.  She has been trying to work with her camera.  She says she got into the panoramic view on her camera by chance and just couldn't stop herself from taking pictures.

I have been practising using voice recognition.  Both of us are crazy, spending all of this time.  And worrying that we won't remember tomorrow what we learned today.

We are better off than Wyona, though.  She just bought a new phone and she is so far behind us!

When Wyona and I get out to the lake the week, the three of us will get together, sit on the same warm fuzzy couch and talk to each other through our phones, just like everyone else in the world does.

We will practise sending messages to one another, seeing what we can learn.

No bridge.



  1. Wyona,

    We were so close to getting out to the lake and taking our own beautiful winter photos. Now we will just have to rely on the ones that Moiya gives us.