Thursday, January 5, 2017

On the First Day of Christmas ...

 ... ten pipers piping ...
 ... 11 maids a dancing ...
From Catherine:

Does everyone remember the Christmas Kelve gave everyone a 12 days of Christmas mug.

I love mine.

Use them all year long although they get used nearly daily during Christmas. If any of you want to gift me yours (assuming you aren't using them) I'm trying to put together the entire set. I'll be hunting on kigigi and ebay but thought I'd start the easiest placed-- with you.

Happy new year everyone.

Love to you all.

From Arta:

... pipers' coaster ...
There was a coaster that came along with the mug.  It looks like I ended up with your coaster.  Pretty expensive to get it back, having to fly here, but well worth the search.

Did you hear the Christmas special with the Boston Pops this year, Catherine?

They did the most clever arrangement of the 12 Days of Christmas.  Brought in Beethoven's Fifth, some of the Hallelujah chorus and enchanting secular songs.

Next year I am going to teach this song (The 12 Days of Christmas) to Michael and Alice.

Oh yes, here I am already planning for next year.

Let's start now and count the days until Christmas.


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