Monday, January 2, 2017

Seven Lucky Gods

When I was in Japan at one of the markets, I saw seven squat Asian figures glued to a board and was curious about the details.

My sister, Bonnie, used to buy some trinket whenever she was on holidays, to remind her of that place.

For some reason, remembering that fact gave me permission to pick up this set when I was in Japan though I had no idea of its meaning.

Yesterday Michael asked me what it was and pulled it out so the two of us examined it, turning over every figure and looking at them. “This is fun,” I thought, for we could examine the clothing, the facial expression, the bodies, the objects the figures were carrying. I have great powers of making stories up, but it seemed to me that I would get more enjoyment if I could give him that myths that I thought really must belong to these little piece.


I must use it 10 times a day. Perhaps I have already used it 10 times today and it isn’t even mid-morning yet. I can’t imagine living life without it anymore. No set of encyclopedias could work as fast as just a few words into a subject line. My hit came with “7 people Japanese fishing rod”. Now I have new myths to learn and no end of pleasure thinking of how I am going to hook Michael into loving these figures. He will never know that I will be taking notes, studying the character details, and memorizing short stories before talking with him next.

I just love making him think I know everything about everything and that it has taken me no time to learn it!



  1. WE bought the same figures together Arta. Mine are at the lake. I pulled them off the board so the grandchildren can play with them. Right now I do not know where they are or if I through the out when cleaning.

  2. If we don't buy the same things together, we take it to another level, and buy 2 of something so that the other one won't miss out on getting it. Our grandchildren are going to turn out as replicas of one another for they end up playing with similar toys -- at least at their grandparent's homes. I pulled out the Sweet Tarts that you bought me last week and started teaching the words on them. We will be ready by Valentines Day to read them all. I still have to figure out the attributes of the 7 Lucky Gods!