Sunday, July 7, 2013

Alice Margaret

My weight is 8 lb 7 oz
There is a new baby next door -- Alice Margaret, born Saturday, July 6th, eight pounds 7 ounces and coming home tomorrow with her mom which means she isn't really next door yet -- but coming soon to a bungalow on our block.

My job in the birthing process was to get out of bed and stay with Michael all day while his mom was at the hospital.

The ah ha moment for me was when I discovered I don't tend him that much.  That makes me Grandmother #2, if I am compared to Joan Turnbull who knows how to put a sippy cup together, where his clothes are and how to put her foot down when he would rather pour his milk on the floor and run his cement truck through it, than drink it.
Yikes!  That metal is cold!

I thought I would refresh the shine on the hardwood floors so I grabbed some floor wax and got down on my hands and knees.  At one point I couldn't move.  I tucked my head down to look and see what was going on.  Michael had crawled through my feet and up between my legs and I saw his little face down there.

Should I have put my knees a little closer, he would have been caught in a vise grip.  So curious -- just a view I didn't expect,  to look down and see his little head coming on through to grab my  wax rag.

Miranda comes home tomorrow.  Both Joan and I have agreed -- the next five days helping out with the baby are going to be stellar vacation days for us.  New baby in the house for day two, day three, day four, day five. 

I asked Richard what the baby is like.  He asked me what exactly I wanted to know and told me that since it was 11 pm when I was asking,  I only had four minutes of his time to get any of the questions asked.  I wanted to know if she had any hair.  "Half and half," he said.  Now what does that mean!

A full head of hair on the left side and none on the right side?


Grandmother #2 


  1. yea! another beautiful little person in the family! love the photos and report!

  2. Welcome Alice!!! I can't wait to meet you this summer! Congrats Richard, Miranda and Michael. Wish I were there right now to start vying for hte title of Best Aunt Ever.