Friday, July 5, 2013

Nepal Bound

Master of Science Degree in High Mountain Medicine

Graduation Day has come and gone for Mati.

Today he left on a 7 am plane for Nepal.  His supervisor picked him up at 5 am to drop him off at the airport.

At dinner last night he was given a good-bye gift by some friends -- a pair of Sigvaris Graduated Compression Cushioned Wood Socks.

Now those friends are people who know how to choose socks -- worried about the 12 hour flight and invested in keeping him well enough to come back.

Is this trespassing if we approach this space from the water?
Mait and I spent a different 12 hours together when we were in Victoria.  We left the house early and made our way to Gyro Park.

"I have never seen something like this before."
There is a beautiful path from Rebecca’s house to the ocean. A one hour walk if I am not taking pictures or stopping to look at wild life. Oh, there are some other things I do along the way. I admire the stunning home that are built at the top of the bay and on the side streets. I look at their immaculate gardens and the careful landscaping. Lovely to walk along in the moist air, look down their driveways and see what kinds of plants they have chosen.

At the stairs that lead to the beach there is a sign. No Campfires. As well, there are No Parking signs on all of the residential streets, but some parking in designated areas. None of that matters to me for we are walking. There is solitude here – a few people walking their dogs, and some walking for their own good health, but the streets are mostly empty.

 ... graffiti in the sand ...
The second time I went down the stairs that lead to the beach they were covered over with wild rose bushes – making an arch through which I had to duck. I could smell the flowers before I saw them. I tried not to think about having to climb the same stairs later that I was descending now ... hoping that I would have energy after the long walk along the ocean.

I said to Mati, "That looks like a tree to be climbed."
  How did I know he would make his way
to the upper left hand corner of the tree?
I wonder why walking along the ocean holds such charm.

 I have been happy walking a dirt prairie road, the wheat waving in the fields and the dust coming up with every step.

And I have my own beautiful Nose Hill, just the same distance from my house and which I walk often.

These rocks were made for climbing.
There the charm is the Chinook wind coming over the mountains and the hawks circling.

I have never lived by the ocean – I had the most glorious day walking with Mati, down to Gyro Park.

Well, we got a ride down. Then we walked along the beach, then back to the University, then to Finnerty Gardens, then home.

What a beautiful place to live  ... and to visit.


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  1. Good luck with mountain medicine Mati! See you in Nepal!