Monday, July 8, 2013

French Camp at Pierre's Point Campground

Bonnie Johnson: Photo at Pierre's Point
In a daring move, Bonnie signed David up for French Camp at Pierre's Point.

The daring part is that she has gone along with him.  Overnighters until Saturday at 6 pm.

On the telephone to me, she reported the following:
Photo: Bonnie Johnson at Pierre's Point

“I can’t believe I have never been here. It is only 15 km away from Joaquim’s house, but I didn’t know this place existed. It is just like where we live, the same exquisite views which I can hardly tell are not home. But we are speaking French every day, and not roughing it. I am staying in a camper with Shelway and her two sons and we have a fair division of labour. She cooks and  I play with the three two boys. I am happy and so is she. The only piece of camping equipment I didn’t bring was David’s Pokeman cards, so I went out and bought him some new ones. No use in not having all of the camping gear a person needs.

I have to sign up for parental duty. I have signed up for the 2 am to 5 am shift for when we sleep out under the stars. I don’t know which shift is best? The 10 pm to 2 pm shift when all of the boys want to be walked back to their parents? Or the 5 am to 8 am shift when they are waking up and again, want to be walked back to their parents? I took the middle shift. I figure with enough caffeine I will be able to stay awake.”

Bonnie Johnson: Photo at Pierre's Point
“Who is going to be Starlady?”

“I guess I am, though I didn’t bring my binoculars to Pierre's Point and I have no red cellophane.”

“Oh, you don’t need either of those. Just spend a few hours refreshing your mind about what the night sky is about by looking at NightWatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe by Terence Dickenson. It is in my shelves at home. I know right which page to turn to.”

“You mean you didn’t know all of that when I was young? You used to study up on it before you slept out with us?”

The truth is out. I am no event half as smart as my kids think I am.


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