Monday, July 1, 2013

Canada Day Guests

Miranda Johnson
Trell and Ina called today to say they were coming over to finish off their last income tax form.

 Richard and Miranda and Michael were home for the day.

So I had a Canada Day picnic in my back yard.

 ... Richard's hair salt and peppers ...
I had seen a new potato salad recipe – 3 pepper potato salad: roasted red peppers, black pepper, chili pepper, and cayenne pepper.

I couldn’t resist trying a new recipe, even though all of the entertaining books say, don’t try something new out on your guests.

These weren’t guests.

They were family.

We chatted in the shade as we ate.

Trell had come over – I knew he looked different, but I blamed the new hair cut.


 He had shaved and lost 20 punds. 

The two facts are not connected, but seeing he was shaved is when I knew I was in for a treat.
...  extinguishing Canada Day fireworks ...

He brought over his fire-eating equipment which can only be used when he isn’t bearded.

“Where do you buy the tools of your trade?”

Kelvin Johnson
“All home made. I just have to make sure that the cotton rags on the ends of my sticks are 100% cotton. If I get any rags with polyester in them bad things can happen.”

I love our yard.

Since Richard took down the fence between us there is wonderful feeling of the wide open range, right in the middle of the city.

 ... Mati leaves for Nepal on Friday ...
Lately when Michael is playing there, he has found an escape route to the real world by running along the sidewalk on the west side of my house ... the only ungated spot.

His parents sit at the table and say, no, you can’t go out to the avenue that way.

 ... I love Ina Given ...
He keeps his eyes on them.

It seems he is thinking, “I understand what they are saying. If I wait here long enough, they will turn their eyes away, at which point, they will no longer mean I cannot go that way and I will be free.”

They never look away.

I say to Richard, “I noticed you mowed the lawn – a nine metre strip on the south side of both of lots.”

“Yes, I work in small units of time. I had 9 spare minutes. That area is how much I get mowed in that amount of time. Then I had to go off to Les Mis with my wife and I don’t know when I will get back to the lawn.”

Richard and Michael go off to play with the hose.

During that time some water is sprayed on others – a bit on me, a bit on Richard and some on Michael -- enough to make him surprised, at which point the party was over.
... Are you sure you mean no? ...

Michael is put onto his own back porch and Richard watches him out of the corner of his eye as he takes up his mowing job again.

Michael goes to his own play water-table, and continues the water game, scooping up a large cup of water, going over to Richard’s basket of clean clothes on the porch and pouring water all over them.

... what to do next? ...
Richard stops the lawn mower, comes over to me and says, “Michael is a year and a half old. Can you tell me at which age I will be able to teach him the “24-hours until there can be reprisal” rule?

Happy Canada Day to all.



  1. now THIS looks like a great party! Nice to be 'virtually' there (and i love the fireswallowing shots!)

  2. Mati is leaving! I don't like all these people leaving the city. Who am I going to visit when all my interesting international friends are gone? I love my family, don't get me wrong but the international flavour of the discussions around the Johnson large kitchen table has sure been fun over the last few years. I have dreams in my head that I will make to Nepal one day to visit Mati. I shall keep dreaming.