Monday, July 15, 2013

Can you take the heat?

From Wyona:

Here I am in London, hearing about others having fun at the Calgary Stampede. I used to have a lot of fun walking around the Stampede for free when I was younger. My Dad would give us each a dollar and we would go on our own. I can remember standing in front of the freak show and just stare. I spent the rest of my time in front of Club Lido looking at the show women. I spent my dollar on buying ice cream.

My biggest regret is I never had enough money for a lizard (you could buy a chameleon and keep it on your shoulder.

I am off today to get 2 pound seats for Merrily We Roll Along for me tonight and Gabe and Marcia and me on Thursday night. I have a list of the other tickets I want to buy today.

Yesterdayt afternoon I bought a salad and a great chocolate-whip cream dessert at Sainsbury and brought it back to the hotel to eat. Two hours after the dessert sat in my room there was a puddle of cream and chocolate. What a waste!

I am having a great time in London but wish everyone else I love were here and that we had our New Cavendish place. Oh well! What am I doing here by myself and I am a year away from 70 years old.

Moiya checked the night before I left to see if she could come but the air fare was $2500.00. Too steep and hot here. I hard some Brits complain on the bus about the temperature and the new double decker bus. New award winning design apparently. You get on and off the bus front, middle or back. There is a ticket taker standing at the back of the bus. There is a set of stairs at the front and a set at the back of the bus to get upstairs. This means people can get on and off faster. The Brits were complaining about the heat on the bus. The lady beside me was laughing because there might be a week of hot weather in London for the whole year. The rest of the time one needs an umbrella for the rain. However, the Brits now carry a fan along side their umbrellas.

Our scarf shop at Camden has moved. Bilal's brother was there yesterday. They are near the same spot but back in the corner, a smaller space. I still found them and have four delightful new scarves.

Signed me, scarfed up in London,



  1. ah.... sweet fantasy! I wish I were there with you!

  2. I spent an hour just now studying the products by the milliner for The Ludo. u couldn't have done that as a child at the Stampede. It makes me smile to imagine you standing there in front of the doors. a generation later it could surely have been Rebecca in your shoes.