Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Survey -- if you are interested

Catherine writes,  to me, "You probably have no time to fill this survey, but if you are interested, two PhDs are surveying women who describe themselves as Mormon Feminists and are looking for people to fill a survey on this topic.  Just FYI."

Arta speaking now:

I took the survey. Why not, I thought.  If it takes too long, I will just cancel half way through.  But the survey took less than 20 minutes.  What I liked about doing the survey is that I could remember again, no survey can give enough options so that I feel as though my real responses are tallied.  I would read some of the questions and think -- well none of the possible responses are the ones I want to mark.

Taking the survey I found myself having fun reading about initiatives Mormon women are taking so that they can feel their leaders are really hearing them.  I only knew about 2 of the initiatives, so I am not sure I can even call myself a Mormon feminist.  I have to get out to the internet more.


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