Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Wilderness

Electronically speaking, I am going into the wilderness -- no access to the internet for a few weeks. How backward is that!

I will still have a fridge, a stove, flush toilets and a roof over my head, so it is not quite the wilderness.

And I will survive with the help of some of my loved ones who will also be there:  Mary and her kids; Rebecca and Duncan; Bonnie and David; Miranda and her babies; Trell and Ina, so I won't be totally alone.

If I ever get a chance to go into the Sicamous (pop. 3,015) public library where there is internet access, I will check up on this blog to see if anyone who is not in the wilderness is posting.  Go at it.  Remember it is  "Being in the Main a Blog of the Life and Times of the Wood, Robertson, Pilling, McLoone, Johnson, and Bates Families and their Several Hangers-On".


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  1. The wilderness is beautiful and sometimes a tad confining. Enjoy while you are there. Marcia is here beside me. I am teaching her about email abroad.