Sunday, May 29, 2016

Congress 2016 - Atwood and Klein

Tonia was the early bird who emailed me and said that Margaret Atwood would be speaking at Congress and that she had applied for two electronic tickets for the event.

But Tonia went that step further and printed the tickets, allowing us to waltz on by those whose tickets were still electronic and who were held up, as will happen, when the bar codes can't scan what is on someone's phone.

"Compassion under contemporary conditions" was the title of the talk.  Atwood has a dark, satirical view which is so funny that even knowing what is coming as she reads, she laughs herself, as though she is not the one who wrote those words.  I love it and I think, so did Tonia.

On the way into the theatre we met Donna Coates who asked us if we were going to hear Naomi Klein: "This Changes Everything: Capitalism Vs. the Climate".  And when we sat down at our almost front row seats to listen to Atwood, Tonia's friends who were sitting behind us asked Tonia the same question:  are you going to hear Naomi Klein next.

We did.

...a selfie at the end of a good day ...
At 2 pm we were ready for food at home and we had a chance to sit down with Rebecca who had just flown in and was on her way to the President's Reception.  The three of us knew how to grab 30 minutes together and talk our heart's out.

Rebecca left and I joined Leo and Kelve for deer burgers, salad and rhubarb and strawberry pie out on the patio, all supplied by Leo and the Johnson's next door.



  1. Just call them hamburgers and they will taste better. Now why did I not get an invitation to that party. I could have come over after I attended the party at Lurene's house. I do love the photo.

  2. Not everyone has tasted a deer burger, nor an elk burger, nor a moose burger. You have probably tasted all three as a child. Now it is a taste to be sought after. When we grew up, only the poor ate wild meat. Go figure.