Sunday, July 31, 2016

Happy Fiftieth Anniversary to Wyona and Greg

... 4 trombones play "76 trombones" ...
The party that was supposed to start at 3 pm was moved up to 2 pm.

Why not? The food was ready and the people were already there.

I got a phone call with a 5 minute warning that there was an early start.

When I got there I saw helium balloons attached to the backs of chairs.

Some children were carrying balloons on small sticks. Children were trying to catch bubbles that were floating in the air from the bubble machine.

Inside the house pans of cinnamon buns were lined up on the counter, waiting for their turn to go into the oven. I haven’t tasted cinnamon knots that have walnuts and maraschino cherries on top for twenty years. There were at least three 8 x 12 pans of those on the counter top.

,,,  congo line at the party ..
Piggies in a blanket were just coming out of the oven so the kitchen was full of that smell.

The lawn on the roadside of the house was decorated and people were sitting under the pear tree to keep out of the sun. Signs honouring all of those who were being feted were posted on the porch pillars: Wyona and Greg for their Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary, Moiya on turning 65, Glen on turning 60, Arta on reaching 76 and Andrew who was turning 10.

When people had enough food, the programme started. The trombonists played 76 Trombones for me. I was thrilled. We had a congo dance for my part with many joining in, 76 to 3 year olds.

Moiya’s grandchildren were marched in from around the side of the house with new lyrics to “I Don’t Know but I’ve Been Told”. The call and response as they walked in was a lot of fun. Two of the children led the troops carrying a banner high in front and stopping to sing for Moiya, “I’m so glad when Grandma comes home”. They grandchildren ended by each giving her a kiss.

Janet was promised a special surprise. For the surprise to happen, Glen had to be blindfolded. He went like a lamb to the slaughter, sitting in a corner of the yard, unable to see what was happening. The grandchildren were marshalled in front of him and a basket full of water balloons was placed before them. Off came Glen’s goggles and everyone under 10 years old got to throw water balloons at him – the balloons were thrown with care, some lobed with power, some balloons with high arcs on them, some gently tossed. Glen was soaked had to go home and change.

... more group dancing ..
Laynie had arranged a Piñata Party – 3 piñatas, actually, one for each age group: under five, 5 to 10, and 10 to 15 year old. I hardly know who had the most fun during this section of the party: the person pulling the string on the piñata, the person choosing who would go next, the person striking mighty blows out into the air, the person twirling the subject around until they were dizzy, the parents and grandparents cheering everyone on, or real winners – the people who got the bags of candy out of the piñata.

There was a special treat for the 10 to 15 year olds in the piñata. Instead of candy, out of the piñata fell rocks from the beach like the beautiful ones they used to collect with they were the three year olds down on the beach.

There was a spontaneous programme. Bonnie Johnson and Teague Bates did a skit from their childhood. The first words of the skit are “One day, when I was skipping home from school / skipping home from school. New words were by Bonnie, actions were by Teague and the skit had been produced by Lurene. Moiya offered to do “I’ll tell you about a burglar bold” and Wyona and I joined her.

Marcia, Lurene, Marina Wood and Laynie did a magical skit – the first person takes a drink of water, and they pass it along from one to another until the fourth person spits it out. The trick is that they pass it through their ears. Very impressive!

The party ended with everyone gathering around to see two hairs fight in a pan of water. That party trick is a sure hit.

... the storm approaches
and we head to the porch to watch it advance ...
In truth, it wasn’t the trick that ended the party, but the fact that the heavens opened up and poured rain at exactly the right time. Party goers gathered on the porch to watch the storm pass by.

I tried to add up the total number of attendees. Right now there are 24 at Wyona’s house, 22 at Moiya’s house, 7 at our house and 7 at Glen’s house. A fifty person party.

At home I interviewed others about the party for what they thought were the best moments.

David: The best part of the party was playing Red Rover. At first the party was hard for there weren’t many people there I knew. I pretty much knew no one and I was afraid I was going to make a mistake. Then the food, the hot dog, and the purple juice came out, my dad came and then I was comfortable with the party.

Theresa turns her back on being part of
the group family photograph.
Rebecca: I thought it was funny watching Moiya’s little family of grandchildren come marching out -- which was OMG: 12 children under 10 years old. There are so many little kids. All five of Moiya’s children are having their families together, so there are an unbelievable number of grandchildren. Glen getting water ballooned was also a highlight. Then there was a great storm that came through the valley during the party – rain falling, lightening flashing and we just continued the party.  I also liked Theresa Oldham refusing to be in the grand family photo

Bonnie: At the party, I was shocked to realize I am now the age of the women who were the aunts when I was young, and my young beautiful mother is now the age of my grandfather. I was having trouble adjusting my mind to that. I loved the piñata for it was performed in age groups and everyone had a treat or a prank just for them. I was waiting for someone to get hit with the stick, but it didn’t happen. I had told David to feel for the rope above and then he would know where the piñata would come down and he could strike it. But I hadn’t told him how to differentiate between a feeling for a rope with his stick and a tree branch. I loved the banner that was held high when the Wood children walked in. I loved the fact that there was Tylenol on the table along side all of the food that was there for people. Something for everyone!



  1. Oh what a great time we had at the party! Thank you to all who came because without you there would be no party.

  2. I did my math. There were 60 people at the party, so yes, thank you to all who came and made us laugh -- the food, the conversation, the 3 Mexican pinatas, the water balloons ... 60 at the 50th. A good crowd.