Friday, September 23, 2016

On Seeing 9/10th of the Three Penny Opera

.... nothing like an opera about a serial killer who ends us
being knighted, given money and a castle ...

Did this happen to anyone else?

The live showing of The Three Penny Opera stopped before the last act was finished.

There we were, Macheath kissing someone while the J.J. Peacham was wrapping up the operatic conventions for us, tying the opera up with a bow, ... and the live transmission stopped.

We all got Special Event passes so that we can come back on Oct 15 for the last part of the show.  I heard Rufus Norris say, as they were interviewing him at the half time, that they had done two practise performances with the cameras so that they would get it right for the satellite transmission that was going to go to over 2,000 theatres.  Well, the best laid plans .....

There is a lot to say about what was fun in the evening.  I was reminded in one of the reviews that there would be signs telling people what was going on.  So I laughed when the wheel chair beggar was wheeled across the stage as the show began -- on the front of his shirt was the word OVER and on the back the word TURE.

And when the second act started, and Macheath came on the stage, looked at the audience and then said, "So you came back.  You didn't have to, you know.  There is no rule that you had to come back."

How Brechtian was that!

Did anyone else go?


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