Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Leaning Pear Tree

 ... the learning tree is on the right hand quarter of the picture ...
... the yellow mullen on the hill is mature now as well ...
I thought a bear had come after the pears.

The tree was giving me a 130 degree slant and I knew there had been some fruit on it.  Bonnie went to check and it could hardly have been a bear for the fruit was still on the tree.

She called later that morning to say that there had been a birch laying across the road when she was driving down Pilling's Road on the way to work.

My guess is heavy winds and prolific rain felled my lovely tree.  Time to stake it back up and see if it can recover.



  1. My mother brought me the windfall from the pear tree and my apple tree. They were both too green to eat.


  2. Hello David,

    Have you figured out a way to straighten that pear tree up -- maybe with a post and tying the trunk to it, or maybe it needs a bit of pruning as well, so that the branches are not so heavy on the next rainfall. Call Uncle Dave and ask for help, since we really don't want a tree at that angle on the hill. Too hard to mow around!