Saturday, September 17, 2016

On Seeing Measure for Measure

Dominic Rowan as Duke Vincentio in his Friar disguise
and Brendan O’Hea as Lucio in the
Globe’s Measure for Measure
This was my first viewing of Measure for Measure. I was at the Chinook Centre Cineplex, viewing the show on the large screen. Only 10 other people were in the theatre. I enjoyed the 2 hours and 35 minutes, and I heard myself laughing sometimes since the show was such a good comedy. The portrayal of the upper classes and the lower classes was amazing. The five-piece band made me think about how music furthered the sense of setting and time. Even the slide of the trombone made me laugh, as did the violinist, down on her knees and still playing at one point.

I listened for the lines that I had pre-read, the ones I knew were famous from the play. The declamation of the actors was fantastic, as was their acrobatics, and their dancing. The foppish walk of Lucio never got tiring, nor did the way he would draw his hand against the wisp of hair that hung from the right side of his head.

I love how the characters are often down in the audience at the Globe – such a sight to see the mix of the modern and the ancient, the actors sometimes taunting the audience.

And I love the speed of the change of scene. The actors are not off the stage before another set have grabbed my attention. What a sight! The woman in the wheelbarrow. Minimal set, wouldn’t you say. A few chair, the wheel barrow and some sticks at the reprise. And still the feel of the times was there, just through the costuming.

Loved the show!  And I liked this review from theviewfromtheuppercircle.


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