Sunday, September 11, 2016

Over Abundance

We did not harvest the blackberries as we should have this year.

 ...blackberries and sour dough waffles ... 
Anita brought up a bucket full for one breakfast. 

Doral tried his hand at picking berries, hand being the operative word.  He slipped back out of the blackberry patch, using his hand as a slider, so he was pretty roughed up from the entanglement.

I thought I would take a try and put my harvest in the little pockets of a waffle as I have seen the kids do.



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  1. You speak the truth for me - I did not pick blackberries like I have in years past.

    David and I had a snack one day from the branches that reach to brush against Glen or Dave when they come by on a mower.

    Our goal was to find the stray need bullets from our duel. The blackberries were in our path. Lucky us.