Saturday, September 10, 2016

Eye's Wide Open

I remember laughing once during the surgery.
That was at the moment where the opthamologist got
the string wrapped around my nose as he was
doing his stitching up of the eyelids.
I was wondering if, like Pinocchio my nose
had started to grow which is what made me laugh, 
Wyona delivered me home from from eye surgery:  blepharoplasty.

I was pleased that I could see well enough to see the stairs  as I walked down them and I could see well enough to find my bed.  Even local freezing knocks me out and I can think of nothing but sleep.

Apparently I wanted a selfie as well, or maybe Wyona took this for me.

Sometimes a person just can't remember.



  1. Hello David,

    The allusion to "Little Red Riding Hood" is very funny.

    You can see more of my eyes now that the blepharoplasty is done! Now you should beware for I can see more than I used to be able to see.