Saturday, September 10, 2016

The head bone connected to the neck bone

The demo model for this skeleton had come unhinged.

That is why Zoe is holding its head in place

I took a turn myself, holding that head in place.

All of the time I was thinking about Halloween and how much fun it is for some and how horrifying for others.

Because Wyona's birthday is Oct 27th, my mother always had a themed party for her.

Now I don't know how many parties that would be, given that most children stop having birthday parties sometime arouid when they are in Grade VI.

Still those memories are vivid for her, and I think for me as well.

There can a lot of decorating fun at Halloween.

Who doesn't like a cake decorated like a graveyard.  I won't be making any witches fingers cookies, but if I am offered one, I will happily take it.

Zoe and I left the broken skeleton in the store.



  1. First, Grandma, birthdays do not stop at Grade VI!

    Second, that skeleton is pretty cool.

    Third, the witches fingers cookies scared me because I thought they were actual zombie fingers or something. Creepy.

    Fourth, your Halloween makeup was cool, but scary. Cool because it looks like something you could actually do for Halloween, but it was also kind of creepy to me.

    Your Grade VI grandson,


  2. Hi David,

    You seem to have a lot to say on the blog today, which is good. First of all, yes, the skeleton is cool, but a little pricey for how much use I would get out of it. I do have a jaw bone in my bedroom, top drawer of the night table just as you walk in the door. Please get it out and use it as part of the Halloween decorations in your home.

    Secondly, you are right about birthdays never stopping. But you might want to think about making your Grade VI birthday a really big one, since it might be the last time you have a big school party. I think birthdays are to be celebrated. AFter age 18, you have to make your own birthday celebration, so start big now, and then see if you want to get even bigger, or scale it down a bit.

    The witches fingers can come in different colours and are even made out of different ingredient4s. I don't think you would like the marzipan ones -- they are fun to mold, but not that good to eat.

    And lastly, about the colour on my face -- it is all bruising from the operation. None of it is make-up. I will be wearing sn glasses for a long time, so as not to scare people or have them ask if I have been in an accident.

    Thank you for your long note, Grade VI grandson. By the way, how was the first day of school?

    I also want to know about the days that have followed the first day of school, for they are importanant as well.

    There have been a lot of first days -- Michael in kindergarten, Duncan in Grade X and Ceilidh as well, and isn't Meighan going into Grade VI. What about Alex and his first time in college. So many firsts this year!