Tuesday, September 6, 2016

David's First Day of Middle School

From Bonnie:

... a buying thrill ...

David purchased his first D & D mini figures.
You can see them in this photo. He purchased 2 flying creatures and an Elven Archer. He is so excited about them he can't stop thinking about buying more.

David is ready for his first day of middle school. He has picked out his clothes. He has purchased all the equipment on his equipment list: 4 key tab notebooks, a 1/2 inch zippered three-ring binder. a calculator. a metric ruler,  1 eraser, 1 mechanical pencil, 1 refill for the pencil, and one white pencil case.

David has checked his Facebook page for Shuswap Middle school. He knows where his classroom is. He knows who his middle school teacher is. He has met the two principles. He knows they will greet him at the front door. He knows today is a shortened day. He has his plan to walk to and from his father's house without parental supervision. He has a key to let himself into his father's house.

... this was not a kit ...
His parents have offered to be there when he comes home from school. He declined but said "Well you could get there 10 minutes after I get home". When he gets home he will spend some time with the castle that he and his father have built together out of Lego.  You can see it in this picture.

David has pacled a snack for his break at school. His choice was a croissant. And a piece of ham rolled up separately.

He has been thinking about this day for a whole year now since one of his friends went off to middle school a year ahead of him. The day has come. He feels prepared. His parents are working hard at faking but they are not feeling anxious.


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