Saturday, September 17, 2016

Uncle Grant trying sushi

Catie and Great-Uncle Grant  

What is the best news of the day is a question that is asked over the dinner table where I get to share meals with Miranda, Richard, Michael, Alice and Betty.

A good part of Miranda's day was that Betty can say bye-bye and then go point to the door so that she can get outside into the yard to play.
She isn't allowed to go that far.

Only to the porch where there is another child-proof gate.

A mother has to take care that a toddler doesn't get too far.
... a take-out / bring-in meal of sushi ...

The best part of one of my days last week was to hear that Sharon was moved so that she is in the same AgeCare facility as her two brothers. 

They can spend some of their mealtimes together which is a lovely bonus for them.
Grant, back of Tom's head, Kelvin and Hebe

Catherine sent me these pictures of a July visit that the Jarvis family made to see Kelvin.

They brought sushi. As you can see, Grant was willing to try it.

And Kelvin likes it.

 So sushi it was on the Jarvis visit -- and games for all to play.


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