Monday, September 5, 2016

The Artisan Market

LtoR: Jay, Audra, David, Andrew, Zach, Ms Sabrina Bates, Gabe. Joyce, Arta
The picture here should be linked to the post of some blogging that happened last month.  The picture came to me from Bonnie Wyora.

The picture reminded me, not of that event, but of going into Salmon Arm with Moiya and Wyona. I was also reminded of how quickly everyone stood up, took some kind of pose and then got the picture taken.  I loved that speed.

A couple of days ago, my sisters and I did go to see the artisan market where Joyce has hung some of her pictures, and Jay has done carvings of birds.  We stopped in the outlet for a long time, admiring both Joyce and Jay's work, and enquiring which of the products were selling.  Of all things, it was wooden boxes that cover a box of Kleenex that Jay was making.  The carvings of birds take hours and are well worth every penny.

Stop in if you like.  The are set up in the old Canadian Tire Store.  Describing it that way makes me sound as though I live here.


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