Saturday, September 10, 2016


Zoe and I got together yesterday after her dental appointment which was just teeth cleaning.

Her mother pointed out to her that she went out to eat two times the day before, and now she was out eating again.  Adulthood (making these dining choices) is so much fun.

The three of us also went to Michaels to pick up Halloween costuming for Zoe. She found a two foot high orange hat, orange LED ringlets, (imagine how they glow), and she has matching striped orange socks. 

 I don't know what I will wear for costuming, but I don't need much in the way of make-up.



  1. Wait a minute, Grandma. Are you saying that is not makeup?


  2. Last night I had to tell Michael it was not make-up as well. I didn't want to scare him the first time he saw it. Well, I did want to scare him, but not too much, so I prepared him by saying I was going to take off my sun glasses and really scare him. To he gathered up his courage because he knew something dreadful was coming.

    Fear is hard. He told me that he would watch the video of "The Lion King", only if we fast forwarded through the fire which is too scary.

    Then last night I was reading a small board book for Betty which is about the lion king. It only asks questions, like who are Simba's parents and who is his best friend. When it came to "who is the evil uncle" he asked me not to open the page because he didn't want to see the evil uncle. I don't know if it is the face of Scar or the way I say his name, but either way -- skipping potential fear is good for him.