Monday, September 5, 2016

The Sunday Lunch Menu

what is worth noting?
centre and to the right?
 ...a dead larch tree with dead dead branches ...
Every home should have one.
We ate lunch at the River Rock Cafe which is a euphemism for eating on our porch. It was impossible not to hear the crow sitting on a dead branch of the lone arch tree standing between us and our view of the beach.  There was a call and response going on between it and an unseen crow.  But even seeing the crow was another matter. I had spotted it for I saw it land.  Bonnie was asking where it was, since the cacophony went on for some time. Like many birds, it disappeared into the bowl of the tree.  We have been thinking about the animals around us.  I see that the deer have come and gone when I discover that the tops of my tomato plants have been eaten.  Wyona was asking if we had seen racoons this year.  The answer is no -- no evidence of them around the compost.  Many sightings of bears have been reported.  And of course, the morning walk is one where we must walk through the night work of spiders spinning web after web across the road.  Bonnie stopped at one trees that was infested with web worm, wanting to get some clippers and cut off the infested branches.  But her work would be long and unending given tree after tree has been hit by that blight this year.

 ...a quick version of an old favourite ...
 ... Greek Salad at the River Rock Cafe ...
... the roses are from a bush
at the front of the house that we have
nicknamed LaRue, since it still lives ....
The sun was warm on our backs as we sat on the porch eating our second lunch.
The first course was warmed-up stir fry. The second course was Greek salad. Purple peppers substituted for the usual green ones. I found them at the Swan Nursery and Market on yesterday's trip to Kelowna. That is the joy of fall shopping -- seeing new varieties of vegetables that seem to be crying out, "Try me, I am new and you will be missing something if you walk by this bin without buying just a few of me.

I love the fall shopping in the markets.

I must also give credit to the generous gifts of people who have grown tomaoes, basil, pears, plums and squash that graced our table.

As I said before, "All hail the fall."


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